Superfrog, Amiga CD32

Superfrog is an Amiga-based platform game, developed by Team 17 and first published in 1993, although this CD32 conversion followed later, in 1994.

Graphically, the game is crisp (if you discount the raggedy intro) and moves beautifully smoothly, but is somewhat generic in its graphical style. Superfrog himself is characterful and moves around nicely, although I didn’t much like his ‘fall’ animation – it kinda makes him look odd as he’s falling.

In some respects this is an attempt to mirror a Sonic the Hedgehog game – it has jump springs and hills and dips for running quickly over, although Superfrog never quite reaches the same kind of speeds as Sega‘s mascot.

In other respects this is also an attempt to mirror Nintendo‘s Mario games too, with its haunted castle levels, and Mario-like obstacles (the spinning mace chains in particular), and again: it falls well short of what Mario can do, and Superfrog certainly doesn’t have the level of finesse as a Mario game.

Some of the traps in later levels are completely unfair – it’s a good job you can top up your energy (with product placement Lucozade), although quite a few traps do kill you outright. It feels wrong to be killed just for exploring…

Superfrog is not a bad game. It is fun in places and extremely annoying in others. It could have been better; it could have been worse. It’s not the best CD32 platform game, but then again: it’s worth a play if you like old school platformers. It’s good for kids too; they’d probably get something out of it.

More: Superfrog on Wikipedia

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