Zool, Amiga CD32

Gremlin‘s Zool appeared on virtually every (capable) platform, back in the early ’90s when it was first released. And – having originated on the Amiga – porting it to the CD32 seemed like a no-brainer.

Which it was, and the CD32 conversion – in my opinion – is arguably the best version of Zool, outside of the SNES version. 🙂

That said: the problem with Zool, I think, is an inherent one, in that: the backgrounds and foregrounds are both so bright that it’s easy to get lost in the explosion of colour on-screen. What I mean by that is: if Gremlin‘s designers had at least lessened the intensity of the background colours, the game would look a lot better. A lot less confusing. As it stands: it’s too much. Too colourful. Too in-your-face. It’s bad form as a designer to use colour in this way!

Zool plays well enough in spite of the mess of colours. It’s a poor man’s Sonic the Hedgehog, really. It doesn’t have the charm of finesse of Sonic, but it does have Chupa Chups (product placement), which is quite novel. If it had a bit more variety to the gameplay, that would have been better, but we had to wait for the sequel – Zool 2 – for that to happen. Which is fair enough, I guess.

Zool is worth a play nowadays, but it’s no great shakes, so you shouldn’t expect too much of it and you won’t be disappointed.

More: Zool on Wikipedia

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