Base Jumpers, Amiga CD32

Developed by Shadow Software and published by Rasputin Software in 1995, Base Jumpers is an interesting platform game where the aim is to climb to the top of a succession of tall buildings in order to launch yourself from the top of them and parachute down to safety.

And not only that, but Base Jumpers can be played two, three and four player simultaneously, which makes it somewhat unique.

The platform game mechanics are a little ‘spongey’, meaning that precise control of your character is kind of tricky, but the underlying gameplay is so good that it can be forgiven.

For me: the really fun part are the base jumping sections in which you must avoid hitting obstacles (which will instantly gib you) and pull your ripcord just in time before hitting the ground. Pull it too early, though, and a rival might beat you to the ground and therefore the points.

In simultaneous multiplayer mode everyone plays the game on the same screen. It’s a mad scramble to get higher and push your competitors off the bottom of the screen. Anyone falling, or pushed to the bottom will incur a penalty before being re-spawned into the action. That said: I did encounter the odd occasion where I was re-spawned into a place I couldn’t get out of, although that only occurred in later levels.

Base Jumpers is a stand-out title on the CD32 in my opinion. It has a great soundtrack, mixing opera with classical and rock, a number of hidden minigames, and a simple password system for accessing later levels once you’ve reached them. Overall, Base Jumpers is a game worth investigating if you’ve never played it before – it’s a hidden gem on the CD32.

More: Base Jumpers on Wikipedia

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