Prince of Persia, Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 version of Prince of Persia is not an official release, but a 2011 ‘homebrew’ game created by Nostalgia (not the perfume – the team). And it is quite astounding!

Although it does require use of an ‘Easyflash’ cartridge on real hardware, most C64 emulators will run it with no issues.

Commodore 64 Prince of Persia could well be the best 8-bit conversion around – I can certainly find little wrong with it. It plays perfectly well (there are none of the control issues seen in some of the other conversions), and it looks great – even adding more colours to the different levels (which is welcomed).

Although team Nostalgia had time on their side when they made this game (it coming almost three decades after the peak of C64 software releases) there is no doubting that Prince of Persia on the Commodore 64 is a fantastic piece of programming and design. Not only have they managed to convert the game faithfully, but they’ve also managed to improve on it too.

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