Prince of Persia, Megadrive/Genesis

The Sega Megadrive/Genesis version of Prince of Persia was developed and published by Tengen and Domark in 1993. It is another great conversion – unique to all the rest.

Graphically: it is one of the best, with really nice texturing, lighting and animation. Gameplay-wise: I did have a problem with grabbing ledges.

In Prince of Persia it is a fundamental part of the gameplay, to be able to grab ledges when jumping. And usually you can run off the edge of a platform, with the fire button held down, and simply grab a ledge. Not here. Or at least: not consistently. Which is incredibly frustrating because it means you can’t play the game as it’s meant to be played – you have to work around the problem.

Apparently the Megadrive version of Prince of Persia contains four levels exclusive to this release although I couldn’t really tell you which ones they are. All 12 levels can easily be accessed with codes. See if you can tell. 🙂

Ledge-grabbing issues aside: Megadrive Prince of Persia is a fine game that stands-out, at least visually, among the many other versions out there.

More: Prince of Persia on Wikipedia


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