Deathsmiles, Arcade

Deathsmiles is an infamous (and much-loved) 2007 shooter from Cave – a Japanese company known for its relatively innovative and leftfield output. Cave shooters are ‘Bullet Hell’ in overdrive…

For some people, Deathsmiles might be too strange; too over-the-top, and too difficult to contemplate playing, but for everyone else: you’re sure to have a great time blasting your way through this weird horizontal scroller.

Graphically – like most Cave shooters – Deathsmiles is very dense; very busy; and highly detailed. This can make discerning objects quite difficult in the mix of foreground and background graphics (not to mention the hundreds of bullets flying around), but that’s all part of the fun of a Cave shooter. The on-screen madness…

Features-wise: there are two playable characters; some Ray Harryhausen-style giant monsters; ridiculous (but brilliant) boss battles; strange cut scenes; gigantic explosions; and lots of references to horror and the occult. Not to mention some incredible visual effects.

Deathsmiles is beautifully constructed and extremely imaginative. It’s one of those games that has to be played to be believed, and is still available to buy on Steam, so is easy to get hold of should you fancy dipping your toe into one of the most insane (and fun) shoot ’em ups of all time.

More: Deathsmiles on Wikipedia
Steam: Deathsmiles on Steam

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