Rendering Ranger: R2, Super Nintendo

Rendering Ranger: R2 is a rare run-and-gun game from the end of the life of the Super Nintendo. It was published by Virgin Interactive in Japan only in 1995. Which is strange for a German game…

Rendering Ranger: R2 was designed and programmed by Manfred Trenz at Rainbow Arts – the guy known for creating the Turrican series of games. Unsurprisingly it features run-and-gun style gameplay, although there are side-scrolling shooter sections (in the vain of Nemesis) as well.

Rendering Ranger: R2 is also unbelievably difficult.

It’s like everyone on the project thought: “the SNES is dead and I’m just wasting my time, so let’s make it ridiculous!”

Having a European game get a Japan only release is both perverse and – at the same time – a tribute, making sure someone actually got to play it…

Rendering Ranger: R2 is nicely-produced too, so it would’ve been good to have enjoyed it more. As it stands: I can only take so much of it. Rare, or otherwise. This is a headbanging game.

More: Rendering Ranger: R2 on Wikipedia

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