RoboCop 2, Arcade

The arcade version of RoboCop 2 was developed and published by Data East in 1991 and is loosely based on the 1990 Irvin Kershner-directed film sequel of the same name. In it you play as RoboCop and must stop a criminal drug baron, called Cain, from spreading a new drug called ‘Nuke’.

RoboCop 2 is basically the same – gameplay-wise – as the first RoboCop arcade game, except that RoboCop can now shoot left and right (using two fire buttons) while walking forward. A third button allows RoboCop to jump. Also: RoboCop must now be on the same z axis plane as his targets for his bullets to hit them, which was not the case in the previous game.

Once again RoboCop has a health bar that is reduced with damage taken, and begins with three lives. Each stage also has an on-screen timer (shown at the top of the screen) and must be completed before it runs out.

The action is fairly standard run-and-gun scrolling shooter fare, with sections shooting into the screen and boss battles at certain points. Extra weapons, like a bazooka and a Gatling gun, can occasionally be acquired, giving RoboCop a chance to really pepper the baddies with destructive power. These special weapons have limited ammo, though, and only last for a (very) short period of time. There’s also a bonus stage where RoboCop must shoot helicopters and trucks while driving a police car or motorcycle into the screen.

There are more digitised photos from the film in this sequel, and the character sprites are bigger than those in the first RoboCop arcade game, but the game is less impressive – graphically – overall.

One welcome new addition to RoboCop 2 is the fact that two players can now blast their way through it simultaneously. Each with their own slightly different-coloured RoboCop. While this doesn’t make much sense in relation to the film, it does make the game easier and more enjoyable with cooperative play.

Overall, RoboCop 2 is a little disappointing after the first RoboCop arcade game. While it’s still fun to blast through for a while – especially two-player – it’s probably not a game that will linger in the memory much afterwards. It’s okay – nothing special. A bit like the film.

More: RoboCop 2 on Wikipedia

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