Gradius 2, MSX

Gradius 2 (aka Nemesis 2) is a sequel to the classic Gradius/Nemesis and was published for the MSX in 1987. This game is, however, unrelated to the actual arcade game sequel, Gradius II, and is a separate game in its own right in the Gradius/Nemesis series.

Like the first MSX Gradius: Gradius 2 was released as a cartridge and was a reasonable success.

Unlike previous games in the series, in Gradius 2 you do not fly the Vic Viper, but a ship called “Metalion“. The game also has more of a focus on the story, with cut sequences showing how it plays-out.

Gradius 2 features new power-ups that temporarily give the ship offensive and defensive enhancements.

Another difference with Gradius 2 is the inclusion of secret mini levels that are accessible during boss battles. While the boss is exploding, after being defeated, if you fly towards them you’ll access a “mini level” that contains secret ship enhancements – if you manage to complete the extra mini level.

Gradius 2 was converted to the Sharp X68000 – with graphics and sound enhancements – as Nemesis ’90 Kai. The X68000 port is basically an enhanced remake, with graphics on par with Gradius III. Although the X68000 remake is well-liked by those who’ve played it, many games-players prefer the original MSX version of Gradius 2 for its charm and unique colour scheme.

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