Little Big Planet, PSP

Developed by SCE Cambridge Studio in conjunction with Media Molecule and published by Sony in 2009, the PSP conversion of Little Big Planet is a wonderfully-imaginative platform game based around a unique character called Sackboy.

Sackboy is basically made out of sacks – or: any kind of rough fabric, and you can choose what Sackboy is made out of from a custom menu. Sackboy is a cute little puppet type creature who can run and jump and hold on to items to either push or pull them, or use them as launching devices or elevators.

The gameplay in Little Big Planet is mostly physics-based, with weight and gravity being useful forces for moving items or rearranging the scenery. If there’s something blocking the way – the solution is often a case of moving something physically, by using Sackboy’s own weight. Sometimes you have to pull levers to make progress, or step on switches. The aim of each level is to reach the weighing scales at the end, although every level has a variety of secrets to be found and uncovered. You can replay any level you’ve completed to go looking for anything you missed.

As you play through the single-player game various things are unlocked. An online component; a level construction component, and lots of other smaller extras such as stickers and avatars. Little Big Planet has quite a bit of content waiting to be found.

In total there are 23 main levels and 14 mini levels in Little Big Planet for the PSP. Quite a few of these levels are new and redesigned and were made especially for this version.

Little Big Planet is a wonderful game on the PSP. It’s simple to play; it’s challenging; it’s cute, and it’s – most of all – a lot of fun to play. Kids will love it. Adults will love it. The only people who won’t love it are those with a seriously blackened heart… 🙂

More: Little Big Planet PSP on Wikipedia

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