Gran Turismo, PSP

The 2009 PSP version of Polyphony Digital‘s classic Gran Turismo is arguably even better than the original PlayStation version, and that is saying something.

Car fetishists – and even those with just a passing interest (like me) – will get something out of this highly-polished racing game, because there’s just so much to see and do.

Of course you get the usual single-player leagues, tournaments, and time trials, and there are also a number of driving challenges to beat, and also multiplayer games too. Dealerships allow you to spend your imaginary money on expensive cars, and the garage is there for you to tinker with them to your heart’s content. You can even trade and give cars to friends over Wifi.

After every race you can sit and watch a replay of the entire thing, along to some cool music or other, and even save them to watch later or send to friends. The replay feature has become synonymous with the Gran Turismo series.

As slick as they come; extremely playable, and at the top of its class, Gran Turismo is a must-have racing game for the PlayStation Portable.

More: Gran Turismo (2009) on Wikipedia

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