Out On A Limb, Commodore 16/Plus4

Out On A Limb is a Jack and the Beanstalk-inspired platform game published by Anirog Software in 1984.

It is probably best known on the Commodore 64, but a Commodore 16 version also exists and it is fondly-remembered by fans.

By “fans” I mean “fanatics”, and they are usually the ones who cannot see the wood for the trees, and who usually have the thickest rose-tinted spectacles… Any normal games-player would be able to see that Out On A Limb on the C16 is two things: a) ridiculously difficult and unfair, and b) hardly worth the time and effort.

Which is a pity because it could have been a half decent game. I mean, the feel of the main character is pretty good (it’s not perfect though – you can tell he’s not a hardware sprite), and the graphics aren’t too bad. The gameplay, unfortunately, is not up to scratch though.

Don’t believe the fanatics – Out On A Limb on the C16 is a pretty poor game. And the Commodore 64 version isn’t that much better (although it is better).

More: Out On A Limb on Moby Games

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