Berks 3, Commodore 16/Plus4

Another Berks game – this one Berks 3 – written by Jon Williams and released in 1985.

The addition this time is: rooms. You can exit one room and move to another, and each is full of Berks (which can be shot), and gems/drones (which chase you, and pause when shot). Unlike previous games: you don’t have to shoot a set number of Berks. In fact: you don’t necessarily have to shoot any Berks this time – the aim is to work your way through the rooms, looking for keys to the Inner Sanctum.

However, shooting Berks does help make more room to manoeuvre, and is generally required for survival. If you exit a room and enter again, or lose a life, all the Berks will re-materialise and you start from scratch.

Berks 3 is arguably the most challenging and interesting of the Berks series. It’s a tough and absorbing little shooter that is well worth a play today.

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