Major Blink, Commodore 16/Plus4

The sequel to Jon Williams‘ highly-regarded Berks, Major Blink uses similar gameplay elements to Berks, but is in fact something of an Amidar clone this time around.

Major Blink is again a single-screen maze game, although this time you’re not shooting anything – you’re running around trying to ‘paint’ the walls of the maze, so that you can enclose entire sections and thus score points for doing it.

Like Berks, you have the ubiquitous gem-shaped enemies chasing you, and how aggressive they are is determined by the difficulty level. There are also bears that move up and down the corridors, rubbing out any painting you might have done previously.

Touching any of the enemies leads to instant death and you only have five lives. Painting all the walls completes the screen; bonus points are awarded depending on how fast you complete them.

The problem with Major Blink is that the layouts of the mazes don’t change that much, so it doesn’t offer much in terms of variety. The basic concept behind it is good though.

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