Big Mac, Commodore 16/Plus4

Written by Tony Kelly and published by Mastertronic in 1985, Big Mac is a highly frustrating platform/puzzle game with an interesting jump mechanic and some nice graphical effects, and is the predecessor to the much better Mr. Puniverse.

The basic aim of Big Mac is to reach the exit before your air runs out, which is usually a very short period of time – around a minute – and which often means having to almost ‘speedrun’ a level to get it done in time.

To compound matters, various obstacles bar your way, so you end up having to flick switches to open doors, or traverse collapsing platforms over ravines, or use elevators to float up and down to out-of-reach platforms. There are also conveyor belt platforms that interfere with your ability to run and jump, crushers that immediately kill you if touched, and also guns that fire at intervals. And as if that wasn’t bad enough: if you fall too far you also die…

Big Mac is insanely difficult, incredibly unfair, and often leaves you in situations where you can’t complete a level, or where you lose all your lives quickly. It is a headbanger of a game that I can only recommend to masochists… Even with quicksaves in a emulator it is a bast*rd of a game… 🙂

More: Big Mac on Plus/4 World

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