Timeslip, Commodore 16/Plus4

Created by Jon Williams (the guy responsible for the Berks series), Timeslip is an interesting side-scrolling shooter with the screen split into three distinct horizontal sections.

When you begin the game, or whenever you lose a life, you can choose which of the three sections to play. The top section is a Scramble-like rocket ship shooter; the middle section is a guy wearing jet boots (Back to the Future?); and the lowest section is a submarine shooter. As you progress each section you reach waypoints from which you can continue; the ultimate aim being: to destroy all the orbs in each section and reset time back to 00:00.

Every five collisions you have: a ‘Timeslip‘ happens, mixing the times up between the different sections. Losing a life results in 15 minutes being lost from the 24 hours you’re given to complete the task.

Timeslip – I think – is a real highlight on the Commodore 16. Although the basic underlying gameplay is derivative, the implementation is fairly unique, and the result is an absorbing and challenging game that is still worth playing today.

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