Mr. Puniverse, Commodore 16/Plus4

Written by Tony Kelly and published by Mastertronic in 1986, Mr. Puniverse is a platform maze game with a satisfying jump mechanic, and is also the sequel to Big Mac.

I’m not entirely sure why the jump mechanic is so satisfying. It could be that jumps seem to last for some distance, or that you can change direction in mid air. But there is something good about the jumping in this game. It makes the game fun to play.

The aim is to collect vitamins that are scattered around a 25-screen maze, and to avoid the various nasties and crushers that want to squish you.

Mr. Puniverse is not what I would call a classic by any means, but is fun for a short while. It is definitely better than Big Mac, though!

More: Mr. Puniverse on Plus/4 World

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