Kokotoni Wilf, Commodore 64

Of the three versions of Kokotoni Wilf released by Elite Systems, the Commodore 64 version is arguably the worst.

It was published in 1984 to a userbase already familiar with excellent games, and was viewed as something of an insult to Commodore 64 gaming, even back then.

Like the Spectrum original, the aim is to guide Kokotoni Wilf – a magician’s assistant with wings on his back – through a tortuous maze of dangers, in order to collect pieces of an amulet for his master.

Also like the Spectrum original; the graphics are pathetic. Even more so on the Commodore 64, which does have some fairly elevated capabilities over Sir Clive‘s humble machine, and fails to use any of the them to impress the player. That said: I don’t think it looks quite as bad as the Amstrad version

Unlike the Spectrum original, the Commodore 64 version has an in-game tune. A hilariously out-of-place rendition of “Consider Yourself” from the musical, Oliver. Let’s just say that it does little to enhance the game and move swiftly on…

Every version of this game has its own version of the flying mechanic and they all centre around trying to cheat gravity. The mechanic in this version makes controlling Wilf feel like you’re flying a bloody bumblebee at times… It certainly doesn’t look or feel very convincing…

Ultimately the main over-riding feeling you get from playing Kokotoni Wilf on the C64 is that you are wasting your precious time on a game that is not very good. 🙂

More: Kokotoni Wilf on Wikipedia

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