Kokotoni Wilf, Amstrad CPC

Compared to the Spectrum original, Amstrad Kokotoni Wilf is pretty ugly. The developers have chosen a dark blue background with green caves, and the odd splash of colour in the (very flickery) sprites and landscape decorations. The graphics are very poor in my opinion.

Controlling Wilf is more a matter of luck than judgement. He zips around the screen semi-uncontrollably, trying to pick up pieces of an amulet, and – rather annoyingly – getting stuck on the landscape all the time. So much so that you have to factor in getting stuck on the landscape as part of your survival strategy.

Gaps – through which you might never think you would fit – are seemingly the only way of progressing, and – when Wilf dies – the controls are so over-responsive (and the game so eager to continue) that you can easily kill him a number of times in a row if you’re not careful. So you have to quickly remember to stop using the controls when he dies…

These kind of dodgy “features” are from the primordial days of video gaming – ie. when everything was archaic and unfair, and no one knew any better at the time… Well, some did, but most fledgling video game designers hadn’t learned how to make their games fair yet…

So, is Amstrad Kokotoni Wilf worth a play today? No, not really. By the Amstrad CPC‘s standards it’s a pretty poor game. Whether it’s worse than the awful Commodore 64 version or not is open to debate.

More: Kokotoni Wilf on Wikipedia

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