Crystals of Arborea, Amiga

Trees, trees, and more trees! That’s what you get when you explore the ancient island kingdom of Arborea. And with a name like that it is no surprise.

Crystals of Arborea is a real-time, first-person, tile-based, party-driven RPG with combat, exploration, and day/night scenes where the colours cycle to give you a nice atmospheric setting.

After generating your party of seven (you and six others) you must then go looking for the titular crystals. Clues as to the crystal’s whereabouts can be gleaned from various people hidden in the woods (usually inside houses). Monsters also roam the forests and will attack you if they see you. Combat is turn-based and takes place on an overhead grid. The Fighters, Magicians, and Rangers in your party must try to outwit the enemy and kill them before they kill you. In a style not too dissimilar to chess.

For my money, the PC MS-DOS version is slightly better than this, because the controls are more responsive. This Amiga version seems to take a second to register your clicks, which can be frustrating. Crystals of Arborea is still an excellent game on the Amiga though. Arguably even better than the Ishar games that followed soon after.

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