Soft & Cuddly, ZX Spectrum

A follow-up (of sorts) to the horror-themed Go To Hell, Soft & Cuddly is a satirical horror platform game, designed and programmed by John George Jones and published by The Power House in 1987.

The graphical style is somewhat similar to Go To Hell although Soft & Cuddly is a side-on platform game, rather than an overhead maze game like its predecessor.

The ‘plot’ (and ultimately the aim of the game) is convoluted. You control ‘The Son of the Android Queen’ and must search for the body parts of your dismembered mother, then for the body parts of your dismembered father, then find a needle and thread and stitch them back together again…

Like Go To Hell, Soft & Cuddly is an attempt by its author to court controversy and outrage the ‘bland’ middle classes by adopting themes that are, well, outrageous. Except that on a ZX Spectrum a games programmer barely has the power and resolution to be offensive, without using offensive words. And there’s none of that in Soft & Cuddly. It’s a stupid platform game for God’s sake… And not even a particularly good one.

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