Mercenary: The Second City, Atari ST

A 16-bit conversion of Paul Woakesclassic 8-bit exploration sequel to Mercenary. Well, not really a sequel – more a continuation… The real sequel came later.

The Atari ST‘s power (relative to the Commodore 64) means smoother, faster 3D graphics; more colours (useful, when colours are used to identify rooms and places underground); and more sensitive controls.

As a stand-alone game, Mercenary: The Second City is fun to play. More complex than Mercenary, with a bigger underground section and more challenging missions, given to you by two warring factions. You can choose who to side with and who to sabotage.

The Atari ST version of The Second City was released in 1988 by Novagen Software as part of a compendium with Mercenary.

More: Mercenary: The Second City on Wikipedia

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