Shadow Warrior, PC

The original Shadow Warrior was released for PC MS-DOS by GT Interactive in 1997.

Shadow Warrior is a fast, high fun factor, oriental comedy First-Person Shooter. It was created by 3D Realms and used the Duke Nukem ‘Build’ Engine to display the world.

You play as Lo Wang – a bodyguard working for Zilla Enterprises – and who has vowed to root out corruption in the company. And purge it with a sword. And sticky bombs. And occasionally a nuke…

The action is standard First-Person Shooter stuff, only: Shadow Warrior is super-fast, very bloody, and (often) very funny. Some may accuse the game of overstepping the mark in terms of cultural satire, but those people are more than likely living life with a pole up their backsides. The many Manga references throughout the game clearly show the developers love of far-eastern life. Plus, a lot of the characters and voices sound like something you’d find in a Shaw Brothers film. The satire is not subtle, but it doesn’t overstep the mark in my mind.

Shadow Warrior is still available to buy/play now via updated versions on various outlets. Although, graphically, the game is showing its age (the Build Engine was never the best of engines), it is still great fun to play – either single or multiplayer.

The single-player game offers all the multi-level episodes from the main Shadow Warrior game, and also the two expansion packs, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon. Which equates to a lot of levels. The multiplayer deathmatch game is absolute mayhem, as you would expect. Especially when people start chucking nukes around! Then again: it’s hardly Quake-standard deathmatching. It’s just simplistic network-gaming fun.

More: Shadow Warrior on Wikipedia
Steam: Shadow Warrior Classic Redux on Steam Shadow Warrior Complete on

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