Mappy-Land, NES

Mappy-Land is a console-only sequel to Namco/Midway‘s 1983 arcade classic, Mappy. It was first released on the NES in Japan in 1986, then much later in North America in 1989.

The basic premise of the game is: you are mouse (called Mappy), who must travel through six themed areas, collecting six target items in each one, while at the same time avoiding a pack of chasing meanies. Gameplay in Mappy-Land is – unsurprisingly – very similar to the original Mappy.

You can bounce on trampolines to avoid enemies, although these will break if used too many times. You can also carry up to 15 ‘distraction items’ which can be used to avoid enemies in tight situations.

Mappy-Land is still a fun and jolly platform game that should appeal to people of all ages.

More: Mappy-Land on Wikipedia

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