Team Fortress 2, PC

I remember Team Fortress 2 launching back in 2007. The wait had been immense… I forget how many years we waited; around seven or eight years after it was first announced, until finally getting to play it.

To me, the game was a bit of a let down. It was all a bit too cartoony for my liking. Nonetheless I have played and enjoyed Team Fortress 2 on occasion over the years, and took some grabs along the way.

These grabs do say what year they were taken, and do show Team Fortress 2 as it evolved over the space of a decade.

Playing it now (September 2018), it’s clear the game has changed quite a bit. It still looks the same, but the insidious in-game purchases are more prevalent than they used to be (“Get thee back, Satan!“), and there are some new play modes too.

I do really like the new “Mann vs. Machine” mode, which pits a cooperative team of humans against an invasion of robots. Over six increasingly difficult waves you do your best to destroy the robots, before they detonate a bomb at your base. It’s exciting stuff. Still shows Team Fortress 2‘s got the magic (at the time of writing – who knows what will happen to it in the future).

More: Team Fortress 2 on Wikipedia
Steam: Team Fortress 2 on Steam

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