Super Bomberman, Super Nintendo

Hudson Soft‘s classic Super Bomberman was originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1993.

As an example of a frantic maze/puzzle game: there is absolutely nothing better in its class.

The ‘Normal’ game gives you a classic single-player story mode with six themed worlds. Each world has eight stages, plus a boss fight.

The ‘Battle Mode’ game gives you a brilliant multiplayer versus game for up to four players.

Super Bomberman was the first game on the Super Nintendo to support up to four players simultaneously (with the use of a multitap interface, which had to be bought separately).

Super Bomberman is where the Bomberman series really went stratospheric, in terms of the sheer quality of the game design. Bomberman seemed perfectly suited to the SNES and developer Produce! created something timeless and special in this title.

There were, of course, numerous Super Bomberman sequels on the SNES, although none had the purity of this first game in the series. Still looked upon by many Bomberman fans as the best.

More: Super Bomberman on Wikipedia

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