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Do-Re-Mi Fantasy, Super Nintendo

Published in Japan by Hudson Soft in 1996, Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is a cute and colourful platform game that is actually the sequel to the Famicom game Milon’s Secret Castle.

Do-Re-Mi Fantasy doesn’t really look like Milon’s Secret Castle – or play like it for that matter – but it does share the same bubble-blowing DNA as its predecessor.

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Bomberman ’94, PC Engine

Bomberman ’94 is copyright 1993 on the title screen and came out in December 1993 in Japan, so just made it out before the turn of the year.

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Super Bomberman, Super Nintendo

Hudson Soft‘s classic Super Bomberman was originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1993.

As an example of a frantic maze/puzzle game: there is absolutely nothing better in its class.

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