Addams Family Values, Super Nintendo

This British-made SNES game is something of a surprise coming from publisher Ocean Software – it’s not a platform game! Congratulations to them for NOT making it into one by the way…

Addams Family Values – based on the 1993 film of the same name – is more like a Zelda-based action/puzzle game than anything else. The gameplay is compelling as you play Uncle Fester, and the puzzles fairly easy to crack. Getting somewhere in this game is actually quite a pleasure.

Graphically, Addams Family Values is lovely, with beautifully-drawn, stylised backdrops and nice, big, recognisable characters. With the SNES‘s tranparency layers, the mist and weather effects make everything beautifully atmospheric. Sound is great too.

Definitely an obscure action/adventure classic on the Super Nintendo, and a rare one from the UK.

First published on the SNES (and Megadrive/Genesis) in 1995.

More: Addams Family Values on Wikipedia

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