Deathchase, ZX Spectrum

An early ZX Spectrum classic, Deathchase was first released by Micromega in 1983.

Although it doesn’t look like much (especially in stills), Deathchase was (and still is) an exhilarating game, and is something of a tribute to the speeder bike scenes in Return of the Jedi (which was released the same year as this, in 1983).

You’re a motorcycle-riding mercenary in pursuit of other bikes, and also the odd tank or helicopter, and the aim is: to shoot them, while also avoiding crashing into oncoming trees.

On early levels it’s all quite simple, but as the levels progress, more and more trees are added, and the game becomes much tougher.

Amazingly, Deathchase was squeezed into only 16K of memory, making it even more remarkable.

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