Deathchase XE, Atari 8-bit

Based on the classic 1983 ZX Spectrum game by Mervyn Escourt, Deathchase XE is an Atari 8-bit remake first released in 2013. It is a first-person bike shooting game where the aim is to speed through a forest full of trees, shooting enemy bikers, helicopters and tanks, while at the same time avoiding collisions with arboreal obstacles that come zooming towards you.

Each level has a day and night stage, and as the levels progress the number of trees in the forest increases.

The controls are simple: push forward to accelerate; pull back to brake; push left and right to turn, and press fire to shoot, and that’s it.

Although Deathchase XE is unfortunately mostly monochrome it does at least have a number of things going for it in the gameplay department. Firstly, the fast gameplay from the original Deathchase has been retained and the frame rate is good. Secondly, Deathchase XE features some extras not seen in the original, like tilting trees (not very realistic, but it works okay), a bad guy leader who taunts you during levels, introductory and intermission screens, and pretty decent music while you play. These extras do at least make the game feel a bit more interesting than the original.

According to the intro screen Deathchase XE was created for the Abbuc Software Contest in 2013 and it is free to download and play from a variety of different websites.

More: Deathchase on Wikipedia
More: Deathchase XE at

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