Doom 3, PC

This third iteration of id Software‘s classic Doom, is a dark and violent continuation of the ‘stuck-on-Mars-and-surrounded-by-monsters’ setting, set up by the first two games.

In Doom 3, though, the 3D graphics are MUCH more realistic than in the first two games. The lighting (and lack of lighting!) effects in this game are phenomenal too, but then: Doom has always been about plunging the player into darkness and letting loose the hoards of Satan upon them!

Doom has also always been about mixing science fiction with demons, and Doom 3 is probably the scariest episode in the series in that sense.

Doom was a phenomenon. Doom II was the double-barrelled shotgun. Doom 3 is all about the atmosphere. The creepiness. Hissing monsters in the distance and orange fireballs fizzing past your ear in pitch blackness… Zombies not going down after six shots to the face… That kind of thing.

The weapons and environments are cutting-edge id Software too. And (wow), there’s even something of a plot, with pretty good cut scenes.

Doom 3 was first published by Activision in 2004. It’s still currently available to buy, and is a real challenge to grab, but well worth it because it has some startling scenes and action.

See also: Doom, Doom II, Doom 4, and Brutal Doom.

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