Donkey Kong Jr., ColecoVision

The famous sequel to Nintendo‘s classic Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. sees the roles reversed in this cute platform game, in that this time it’s Mario (aka Jumpman, as he was known back then) who is the protagonist, and Donkey Kong who has been kidnapped and must be rescued. This time, by his son, Donkey Kong Junior.

The ColecoVision version of Donkey Kong Jr. is a more or less authentic and accurate port of the 1982 arcade game and features all the levels, and all the tricks and tactics of its parent.

Graphically, Donkey Kong Jr. is excellent, with cute animated characters and challenging vine-climbing platforming action. The ColecoVision port was coded by Coleco themselves and was first released in 1983.

More: Donkey Kong Jr. on Wikipedia

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