Commando, Commodore 64

Programmed by Chris Butler, with graphics by Rory Green and Chris Harvey, and music by Rob Hubbard, the Commodore 64 conversion of Capcom‘s arcade game Commando is considered to be a classic 8-bit game, even though it was put together very quickly (ie. rushed-out) by publisher Elite Systems.

After acquiring the official license they wanted it out in time for Christmas 1985, which gave the coders around four months to make the game. As a result Commando on home computer systems was a cut-down version of the arcade game, with fewer levels than the original and somewhat bare-bones graphics.

One thing the Commodore 64 version of Commando does have, though, is superb music and this elevates the game above what it might have been without it. That said: this conversion is lacking in a number of areas, not least of which is that it only has three levels (compared to the eight of the original arcade game).

A remake of this conversion, called Commando Arcade, was released by Nostalgia in 2015, and this transformed the game into something special, with new graphics, new levels, and new music. If you’re fond of this Commodore 64 port of Commando you should check out the Nostalgia remake; it’s free to download and play from CSDb and is much better than the Elite conversion.

More: Commando on Wikipedia

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