Bubble Bobble, Apple II

The Apple II conversion of Bubble Bobble was developed by Novalogic (like the MS-DOS version), and it must be said that it’s not particularly authentic. In fact, it’s probably the worst version of Bubble Bobble available.

The game is sluggish and lacks colour and sound, and although it does at least try to replicate the arcade game to a reasonable degree, it is pretty turgid overall.

I struggled with the controls a bit – especially blowing bubbles – and the collision detection is also a bit suspect (you can move through blocks that you shouldn’t be able to), which gets in the way of enjoyment.

The Apple II conversion of Bubble Bubble is arguably at the bottom of the pile of Bubble Bobble conversions, and playing it may make you wonder why they bothered porting it to the Apple II in the first place.

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