Out Run, Megadrive/Genesis

This 1991 Megadrive/Genesis conversion of the classic arcade race game, Out Run, was written by Sega’s AM2 development team – who made the original – and it is therefore very authentic and just as much fun as the arcade game.

While it’s not quite as fast and impressive as the arcade original, it still moves at pace and still delivers a fast, fluid and fun experience.

The aim of the game is to complete a series of branching courses by reaching the next checkpoint within the time allocated. If you reach the time extension point, the road then splits and you can choose to take the left or right paths. Each branch of the course has its own style and theme, and the background and sky colour changes as you progress. When it’s finally “game over” you’re then shown an isometric view of the route you took, showing how far you managed to get.

The famous soundtrack from the arcade game has been properly reproduced and you can choose which song to play before you begin the game.

Sega clearly wanted Out Run to be a success on their home console, and they managed to pull that off with this impressive home conversion.

More: Out Run on Wikipedia

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