R-Type II, Game Boy

A 1992 sequel to the excellent first Game Boy conversion of R-Type, developed by the same company as previously (Bits Studios).

The developers obviously put a bit more effort into the look of the game this time and the graphics are great and move very smoothly. Mark A. Jones – who also did the graphics in the first Game Boy R-Type – did the graphic design for this game too, and it is superb overall.

The music was again created by legendary tunesmith David Whittaker and is a fitting driver to the bullet hell gameplay, which is exemplary.

Again: the idea is to blast your way through five levels of the Bydo Empire, leaving their bosses in your wake. Unfortunately the Game Boy version doesn’t feature the new weapons of the arcade original, and has one less level, which is slightly disappointing, but the game is decent enough nonetheless.

One last thing to note is that the programmer of this conversion – Robert C. Pape – also programmed the impressive ZX Spectrum version. Take a bow, Robert.

More: R-Type II on Wikipedia

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