WipEout Pure, PSP

Published by Sony in 2005, WipEout Pure was a launch release for the PlayStation Portable in North America. Because of that it was originally lacking a few features that were included in the later European release.

Such as ‘game sharing’, which allowed WipEout Pure owners to send a demo version of the game to other PSP users over Wifi and play multiplayer games. What that meant was that up to eight players could play WipEout Pure together with only one person required to own the game (usually everyone has to own a copy). The downside was that you could only race together on the demo tracks, but it was a still a very cool feature. The European version also featured four exclusive tracks that were available as a download.

WipEout Pure really shows off the graphical capabilities of the PSP. The tracks are beautifully designed and move by extremely quickly, with some nice lighting effects and lens flare making them quite atmospheric. The game certainly looks better than the PlayStation original.

It plays pretty much the same as the original, with speed-up pads that boost your ship if flown over, and collectable power-ups that give you shields, missiles, and various other defensive and offensive capabilities during the race.

WipEout Pure is a very enjoyable futuristic racing game with loads of unlockables and exciting moments. Whether that’s scraping along the wall of a tunnel as you undertake a rival, flying through the air on a mighty jump, or blasting a rival with a homing missile and overtaking them.

WipEout Pure was developed by SCE Studio Liverpool, the company formerly known as Psygnosis.

More: Wipeout Pure on Wikipedia

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