Pud Pud, ZX Spectrum

Or, to give the game its full title: Pud Pud in Weird World. This strange 1984 Spectrum release was the first commercial game programmed and designed by Jonathan Smith.

On the basis of this game, Smith was signed-up by Ocean Software to produce more games. Which he duly did over the following four years.

Playing it now, Pud Pud is a bit of a slog through a seemingly endless psychedelic maze. You’re never quite sure what to do, or whether you’re actually making progress or not. It’s just a lot of flying around, avoiding things. The landscapes get a bit samey after a while, although the graphics overall are nice – especially the animation of Pud Pud, who is full of character.

Might make a nice remake, with enhanced graphics and a few more gameplay features and ideas. One for GameMaker Studio?

More: Pud Pud in Weird World on Wikipedia

Pud Pud ZX Spectrum artwork by the late Bob Wakelin.

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