Smash TV, Atari ST

On the face of it the Atari ST conversion of Williams Electronics‘ classic Smash TV looks pretty good, but scratch below the surface and you might realise that it has one or two major deficiencies.

Like – for example – the fact that using the rotating shield prevents you from walking near the outer walls (the shield’s collision detection seems to prevent this). Which I would call a major bug – one that ruins the game.

Secondly, why doesn’t the single joystick control system employ a more logical use of joystick and keys? Then a player might have been able fire in directions other than the one they’re facing. A bit of creative thinking – and programming – might have even had a joystick and mouse combination, or at least something better than there is.

Graphically, this conversion is not bad in places, but certain things (such as the bosses) are very amateurishly drawn.

Gameplay-wise: this seems like a rough approximation of Smash TV. The boss battles in particular are grossly unfair in terms of survivability – particularly in single-player mode.

Overall: not a good conversion. Not a patch on the original, or the SNES version, or any half-decent Smash TV conversion for that matter.

More: Smash TV on Wikipedia

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