Super Sprint, Arcade

Released into arcades in 1986, Atari‘s Super Sprint was remarkable because the cabinet had three steering wheels, thus could accommodate up to three people playing simultaneously.

Super Sprint‘s race tracks (eight in total) are all single-screen, overhead representations, and because of that the cars and trackside details are all tiny. The racing cars themselves are extremely responsive and swerve all over the shop if you’re not paying attention. Cars can be upgraded by collecting wrenches on the track and trading them in between races.

Races themselves are a lot of fun. Computer-controlled cars cause mayhem on the track; shortcut doors open and close on some tracks; oil slicks make the cars spin around. Hitting a wall head-on will usually result in your car being destroyed, but it is replaced by helicopter after a short delay.

Super Sprint is an arcade classic that has stood the test of time well and is still very playable today. It’s been re-released on more modern systems a number of times, which is testament to its greatness.

More: Super Sprint on Wikipedia

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