Miner 2049er, Atari 8-bit

The original Miner 2049er fitted into just 16K of RAM, so would run on an Atari 400 (as well as any other Atari 8-bit home computer). It is a very early platform game, written by Bill Hogue in 1982, and featuring the character ‘Bounty Bob’.

Bob must run across platforms, making sure to walk over every piece of ground, and of course avoiding instant death by touching meanies or falling too far when jumping. Every time Bob loses a life the platforms change colour and he has to start from scratch again.

Miner 2049er may not look like much now, but it was quite influential back in the early Eighties. It also plays better than it looks, so is still worth a go now if you’re curious about the history of platform gaming.

Also produced a classic sequel in Bounty Bob Strikes Back.

More: Miner 2049er on Wikipedia

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