Gregory Loses His Clock, ZX Spectrum

Playing Gregory Loses His Clock was a real treat for me, because I had never seen it before now. I love finding (and of course grabbing) good old games that have previously passed me by. Considering that Gregory Loses His Clock was released quite late in the life of the ZX Spectrum (1989), it’s no surprise that I missed it. Most people (myself included) had moved onto 16-bit computers by then.

Gregory Loses His Clock is another of those unique Don Priestley games with big, colourful sprites (not really sprites, but you know what I mean), lots of character, lots of running around, and lots of weird ideas. In fact, Gregory Loses His Clock is both the culmination of years of refinement of the Priestley game engine, and also something fairly original, compared to Popeye, The Trap Door, Through The Trap Door, Benny Hill, and Flunky.

Gregory Loses His Clock was published by Mastertronic at a budget price (£2.99) and quickly faded into obscurity. Find it and play it now to see Priestley‘s last attempt at this technique.

Don Priestley‘s ‘big sprite’ games on The King of Grabs:
Popeye (1985)
Benny Hill’s Madcap Chase (1985)
The Trap Door (1986)
Through The Trap Door (1987)
Flunky (1987)
Gregory Loses His Clock (1989)

More: Don Priestley on Wikipedia
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