Flunky, ZX Spectrum

This 1987 release from Piranha Games is the fifth of the ‘big sprite’ games from renowned ZX Spectrum programmer Don Priestley.

Like the Priestley games that preceded it (Popeye, The Trap Door, Through The Trap Door, and Benny Hill), Flunky uses bolted-together character square graphics to make large, colourful character ‘sprites’ that can move around the screen without causing colour clash. Flunky – I would say – is probably the most successful of Priestley‘s games in terms of looks versus control response times (and frame rates).

Flunky is a satirical game featuring the late ’80s British Royal Family. You play the Flunky, obviously, and must complete various tasks for the demanding rulers in order to fill your autograph book with their signatures. And once you’ve got everyone’s John Hancock you can then complete one final task for The Queen.

Flunky is an interesting game, but definitely of its time. Other than ardent Royalists, I can’t see many people wanting to play it now. Or I am I wrong about that? Let me know in the comments.

Don Priestley‘s ‘big sprite’ games on The King of Grabs:
Popeye (1985)
Benny Hill’s Madcap Chase (1985)
The Trap Door (1986)
Through The Trap Door (1987)
Flunky (1987)
Gregory Loses His Clock (1989)

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