Sensible World of Soccer, Amiga

Arguably the best version of Sensible Soccer, on any system. It has international and domestic teams, leagues, cups, friendlies, career mode, specials, and more. The level of detail is quite remarkable.

What is different about the “World of” part of Sensible World of Soccer is the management aspect, or rather: it contains one, and previous Sensi Soccers didn’t. If you want, you can leave the playing and just concentrate on the management of the team instead.

Back in 1996 SWOS was all the rage among football-loving games fans. In the talkie versions Jonathan Pearce does the footballing commentary. I can still hear his lines in my head now… “What a screamer!

More: Sensible World of Soccer on Wikipedia
GOG: Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 on

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