Nox, PC

Nox is an excellent isometric action/RPG created by Westwood Studios and first released in 2000.

Back then, the PC world was going crazy over Diablo II, which had just been released, and Nox no doubt suffered as a result.

The story behind Nox is somewhat trite – you are Jack Mower, a regular 20th Century guy who is sucked into the world of Nox via his TV set – but thankfully the gameplay is more interesting. For starters: it’s fast. Playing Nox is not a race, but you can blast through it quickly if you want (and if you know how). Combat is real-time and involves direction control and mouse clicks and timing. The gameplay also changes dramatically, depending on which of the three available classes (Warrior, Wizard or Conjurer) you decide to play. In fact: the single-player game has three separate storylines – one for each of these classes.

Graphically, Nox is very good. The dynamic lighting effects make the 2D isometric backgrounds come to life in a very atmospheric manner. The dark areas also mask what your character cannot see, so adds tension to the game when exploring. Overall: everything from speech bubbles, to items, to inventories, to shops, are all crisply and professionally-rendered and the overall presentation of the game is top notch.

Although Nox is by no means a particularly well-known game from Westwood Studios, it is definitely up there with their best. It is extremely accessible, and also absorbing and challenging.

Nox is currently (at the time of writing) a exclusive, which is good for them because it is a game well worth playing. If you like fantasy RPGs, I highly recommend it.

More: Nox on Wikipedia Nox on

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