The Firemen, Super Nintendo

The Firemen is an original overhead action game with you controlling a small team of intrepid fire fighters while out on duty.

Rather than shooting bullets you’re aiming water from high pressure hoses at bits of the scenery that are on fire. You have to make your way around various burning landscapes, rescuing people, and dealing with problems as they come up. The game even has boss battles – usually with great big, amorphous, flame-like sprites that have to be doused with water to beat.

Graphically, The Firemen is classic Super Nintendo – lots of big, detailed, colourful sprites, cute characters, smooth scrolling and Mode 7. The action teeters from tense and action-packed to quite light-hearted in places, although the potentially tricky subject matter is treated with the utmost respect.

The Firemen was developed and published by Human Entertainment in 1994. A sequel – called The Firemen 2: Pete & Danny – was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1995.

More: The Firemen on Wikipedia

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