Chuckie Egg, ZX Spectrum

Released by A&F Software in 1983, Nigel Alderton‘s brilliant platform game, Chuckie Egg, lit up Spectrums around the world, with its cute graphics and precise, challenging gameplay. In fact: Chuckie Egg is so sweet and characterful that it still has the power to enchant gamers today.

Playing as Henhouse Harry (the little, yellow, fat blob), you must dodge all the meanies and collect 12 eggs on each level, before the timer runs down to zero.

Touch any of the patrolling hens, or the boss duck (which breaks out of the cage from level nine onwards), then you lose a life.

Fall through the gap at the bottom of the screen and you lose a life too.

You are given five lives to begin with, and extra lives are awarded every 10,000 points.

Chuckie Egg is sheer retro gaming genius!

And even more remarkable when you consider that author Nigel Alderton was only 17 when he wrote this game.


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