Lazy Jones, Commodore 64

Lazy Jones is a cult classic Commodore 64 game that tries to cram as many derivative minigames into 64K as is possible – stuff like Space Invaders, Frogger, and platform game clones (one minigame is called Eggie Chuck – a direct reference to the classic Chuckie Egg).

The premise of the game is simple: you are Lazy Jones, a lazy hotel employee who wants to skive off and play video games in the rooms. Three floors of the hotel are connected by a lift which you use to access a series of doors. Behind each door is a different minigame which must be completed, either by reaching a target score or by surviving until the timer runs down.

Each floor of the hotel has moving hazards (the current hotel manager being one of them and the ghost of the old manager another!) and contact with any of them loses you a life.

Although Lazy Jones is playable and fun for a short while, its biggest “claim to fame” is the soundtrack… “Claim to fame?!” you may ask… Yes: claim to fame. Because a short piece of music in the game was later sampled/stolen/eventually licensed by Zombie Nation and became one of the biggest club hits of 1999!

David Whittaker – who wrote the tune – also programmed Lazy Jones, and made the graphics too. You could say that Lazy Jones is a bit of an ‘auteur piece’.

The game was a reasonable success when first released (by Terminal Software in 1984) and is fondly-remembered (and still fun to play) to this day.

More: Lazy Jones on Wikipedia

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