Stunt Car Racer, Amiga

Geoff Crammond‘s Stunt Car Racer on the Amiga is a blistering game!

In fact: on all systems Stunt Car Racer appeared on, it worked extremely well. Mainly because Crammond programmed most of them himself (barring the Amstrad and Spectrum versions), which gave them consistency, and a boost because he was such a good programmer.

The simplicity and ‘feel’ of driving around crazy courses in a big-wheeled buggy has always made Stunt Car Racer such a joy to play, and the Amiga version managed to stand out from the rest by virtue of the machine’s extra power. It was the fastest and the smoothest at the time of release, in 1989.

I remember playing this extensively when it first came out and being absolutely thrilled by it. And it has remained one of my favourite games ever since. I think it might even be Geoff Crammond‘s best game, which is saying a lot as he also designed and programmed The Sentinel and Formula One Grand Prix (among others); both of which are considered classics.

Stunt Car Racer is a masterpiece of simplicity and playability.

More: Stunt Car Racer on Wikipedia

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