Stunt Car Racer, Atari ST

The Atari ST version of Stunt Car Racer was programmed by Geoff Crammond himself so is almost identical to the Amiga version, and is as close-to-perfect as ST fans could wish for. The game was first published in 1989 by Micro Style, a sub-label of MicroProse.

This version of Stunt Car Racer is the one that I bought and played to death at the time of release and playing it now brings back good memories.

The ST and Amiga versions are arguably the best ones to play nowadays, if you want the best Stunt Car Racer experience. In fact: I would recommend the ST version over the Amiga version as it’s easier to get up and running.

The single-player experience is hugely fun to play – making your way up four divisions of racers, and mastering eight different tracks, in a championship season, by accruing points by winning races. There’s also a multiplayer computer-link mode where you can race against other human players, which – having tried it with real hardware back in the day – I can confirm is the best way to play this game.

The fact is: there isn’t a bad version of Stunt Car Racer out there – they’re all great games and excellent conversions – and the Atari ST version is arguably at the top of the pile.

I’d say that it’s one of the best ST games ever released, and also one of the best old school racing games of all-time. Of course Stunt Car Racer is a little primitive compared to modern racing games, but it is still more than capable of delighting any gamer who plays it now.

More: Stunt Car Racer on Wikipedia

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